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Purple Margarita Recipe

Through a combination of trickery, detective work, months of research and hours of enjoyable experimentation, I present

Baby Acapulco’s Purple Margaritas

8 oz tequila
4 oz everclear **
1 oz blue curacao
5 oz creme de cassis
3 oz lime **

+ Half a bag of ice per batch.  Makes about 6 drinks I’d say.

** For a stronger batch (the last couple we had), make it 6 oz everclear and 4 oz lime.  Seriously, be careful with this.  I’d recommend against it unless you’re committed to taxis and walking only. =)

All together that’s about 22 oz, which is around a third of a blender full.  Keep blending in ice until you’ve got about 2/3 of a blender full.  It’s also best if all the liquors are really cold, so keep them in the freezer.  Then the ice stays frozen for a lot longer—otherwise making them actually frozen drinks is pretty tough.

Brought to you through the collective efforts of Jacob, Jimmy, Carlo, me, and the dozen or so willing participants at our recent taste testing experiment/birthday party.

[Edit Jan 3 2011: For this past New Year’s party I ran the blenders making purples for the second time ever, and, perhaps unsurprisingly in retrospect, found this recipe to be a little…overly potent, at least for the first drink.  So I toned it down to 3 oz everclear and upped the cassis to 6oz, and it sweetened it up and smoothed it out just enough.]

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